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Shop Local Vouchers – The Perfect Christmas Gift this Year!

Shop Local Vouchers – The Perfect Christmas Gift

It’s that time of the year again here in The Digital Bakery office where we spend our coffee breaks wracking our minds on what to buy this Christmas.  There is always that one person we aren’t sure about. Or the dreaded ‘Secret Santa’ pick when you end up with Susan in accounts but have no clue what to get her.

Step in ‘Shop Local Vouchers‘ from the Dundalk Chamber.

These are the perfect Christmas gift this year.  Not only can you spend them in over 330 Businesses and services throughout Dundalk, They also do not expire!

Vouchers are available in €5, €10, €20 and €50 amounts so there is endless choice, but better yet, they may just be the perfect gift for your staff this Christmas season.

There are no hidden charges and under the Revenue Commissioners approved ‘small benefit exemption‘ scheme, a company can award staff up to €500 as a once off payment that is tax free – Opposed to a cash bonus which is so often just absorbed into their pay cheque quickly disappearing with tax and PRSI deductions and staff not realising they have had a bonus.

And if you are away this Christmas from the town you can purchase these vouchers online and have them delivered to your loved ones locally at no extra cost.

Shop Local Vouchers can be purchased in select stores or online here at the following link

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