Gwen Conlon | Social Media & Digital Marketing Trainer At The Digital Bakery Creative Agency Dundalk Louth


Need a short, sharp injection of help with your online business?

A fresh pair of eyes, feedback and guidance on your business growth and marketing, or help specifically with Facebook ads, funnels or tech in general?

Sit down with Gwen (on Zoom) for a power-packed 60-minutes and we’ll work on the area of your business/marketing that’s keeping you stuck and come up with a solution that works for YOU.

You’ll leave the session with the clarity and confidence to move your business forward… plus you’ll get a recording of our call to rewatch anytime.

Generate Leads!
Whether you want me to look over your ads before you hit publish, have ads running but not getting results and need help working out why, or you just have questions about running ads, then this is perfect for you.

Our online 1-2-1 Digital Marketing training sessions are relaxed, fun, interactive and will leave you amazed at how informed Digital Marketing, including content marketing and effective use of Facebook / Instagram ads can boost your business.

Training is €100 per power hour – You can buy a block of 6 power hours for €585

We recommend starting with a 1 or 2 hour session then following on in blocks of 2 hours at a time.

You can purchase your power hours in bundles and use them when it suits you.

Simply purchase your hours here and we will then send you a calendar link to pick a day and time that suits you & we can map out your training plan together.

We have some evening slots available for those who may be working late after the kids have gone to bed!


I worked with Gwen for over 5 years and have seen first hand her impeccable attention to detail and effort applied to any project or task she worked on. I have also attended the Digital Marketing course that Gwen tutored and have recommended this course to my colleagues as I found it very informative and helpful and Gwen’s pleasant and knowledgeable attitude make it a very enjoyable course. She demonstrates an excellent understanding of all aspects of technology.
RUTH MORALEE Senior Administrator / Contracts & Shop Manager ICS Skills Dundalk

I recommend this course for anyone who wants more of a presence online. It is an excellent course for anyone who wants to grow their network skill. I was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start, but within hours Gwen Noone from The Digital Bakery, helped me to identify which social network will benefit me in the business.

DENISE MIMOSO SalesSense & Sherry Property

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