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Hello Friday | Tasty Bytes with The Digital Bakery

Would you like to pass a few minutes (or hours) looking at incredible Web Design Trends?  Our Web-Design & Digital Marketer Camille has turned everyone in the office onto ‘The Best Of The Web Awards 2019’ (See here).  Hosted by Awwwards each year, the site will bring you to the leaders in the industry of Web-Design and their sites.  Be warned, you may miss out on a full coffee break having your creativity inspired by these sites!

Team Member of The Digital Bakery Creative Agency in Dundalk Louth
Team Member of The Digital Bakery Creative Agency in Dundalk Louth

January can be a long month for many of us, and even dreaded by others.  However our Client Success Specialist Caitlin could not wait for it to arrive because it meant one thing.  The return of Love Island to our screens. Even though she hasn’t chosen a favourite contestant yet, Caitlin has researched for us some of the marketing lessons we can learn from Love Island.

Carve your own voice

Love Island has infiltrated popular culture in a big way in the UK and Ireland, but arguably no more so than in terms of language. Last year in particular, the show spawned (or rather, made famous) a slew of catchphrases that have since become synonymous with the show. 

From ‘muggy’ to ‘pied off’, contestants celebrate the regional, cultural, and yes, sometimes nonsensical nuances of language spoken by young people today.  Love Island’s influence shows that – if used in the right way – colloquial language or slang can make brands sound more relatable, as well as build a more intimate connection with consumers.

Create shared moments

If you’ve ever scrolled through Twitter during a particularly juicy episode of Love Island, you’ll know that multi-screening is most certainly a skill. 

Fans of the show constantly tweet during the show (as well as before and after), giving ITV2’s social team the opportunity to create an even more fun and immersive viewing experience for users.

While this is just good practice on social, it also helps to create shared moments and the sense that fans are enjoying the same collective experience.

Be reactive

As well as the show’s production team using social media in a reactive way, the level of conversation generated by Love Island means a whole host of brands are keen to get in on the action too. 

It is important that these brands naturally align with the show’s audience, otherwise, there’s the danger of talk merely falling on deaf ears. Or worse, disdainful ones. Love Island is nothing if not divisive.

Capitalise on influence(rs)

Love island has always been shrewd with its usage of influencers and brands throughout its run.  From sponsorship deals with Primark and Samsung, to Missguided striking a deal a number of years ago to style the contestants and then offering consumers to ‘shop’ the look while the programme aired on social media – Love Island truly has their finger on the pulse of influencer marketing.  Tik Tok (The social media platform of choice for those under 25 in 2020) is even this year’s sponsor for the show.

Each time a contestant is seen using a sponsors products, such as clothing or phone, they are adding to the brands buzz.  The contestants are becoming influencers across social media for a host of items before they even leave the island.  In turn, this will lead to the mass appeal of products used by viewers favourite contestants influencing buying habits in the future.

That’s all from the Digital Bakery Team this week, We’ll be back soon with more Tasty Bytes!


Sourced: https://econsultancy.com/five-social-media-lessons-marketers-can-learn-from-love-island/

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