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Hello Friday | Tasty Bytes with The Digital Bakery

One week to go till January ends (it’s been a long month!) Pay Day arrives (Bye-Bye Beans on Toast, Hello JustEat!) and we all begin to see more of a ‘grand aul stretch’ in the evenings!  Below is the latest news in all things Digital and Social that has been exciting our Bakers this weekend!

[heading_box_sc]Caitlin: ASOS – See My Fit[/heading_box_sc]

Team Member of The Digital Bakery Creative Agency in Dundalk Louth

“There are few things in life that feel more disappointing than when you order something online that looks amazing on the model but then 3-5 working days later it arrives 5 sizes too small and looks nothing like it did on the model?

This week ASOS.com launched ‘See My Fit’, an innovative online shopping experience which aims to combat this problem!

Through the use of artificial intelligence-based AR technology, shoppers will now be able to get a better idea of what the product will actually look like on their body shape.”

Try it for Yourself today Here

What a brilliant way to improve the customer buying experience!

[heading_box_sc]Ian: “I wanna be your dog” – Spotify unleashes Pet playlists[/heading_box_sc]

Team Member of The Digital Bakery Creative Agency in Dundalk Louth

“Spotify once again is at the front of a great marketing campaign.  Their annual ‘Wrapped’ series and playlist has become a social media phenomenon each Christmas.  I even know people who make decidedly ‘cooler’ song choices in the final few weeks each year to avoid jeering from friends.  My biggest artists of 2019 featured Metallica and Ariana Grande. Make of that what you will.

That’s because Spotify makes it so easy to share this experience across social media.  For many of us, music is one of the most important aspects of our life. It heightens our emotions, and as we know, great social media content is ruled by emotion.”

“So, I was delighted this week when I saw Spotify has now released an individual playlist for your pet!  A survey shows that 71% of Spotify users play music to their beloved pets. So why not curl up with your favourite Good-Boy (Or cat…if that’s your thing, no judging) and enjoy a new playlist together. 

Simply head over to the Spotify website and search ‘Pet Playlist’. Tell Spotify a little about your pet and voila! A purrrfect playlist for you and your pet.”

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to check back next week for our essential guide to upcoming mobile tech that will revolutionise your social media game in 2020!

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