Man Reviewing Digital Marketing Strategy on Tablet - Mini Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop Training By The Digital Bakery Creative Agency in Dundalk Louth


Duration : Half Day Workshop


Delivered : Online Via Zoom.


Additional Info : Recording Of Session Provided Afterwards


What We Will Cover


Having a plan before you act will generally lead to much better results! We can help you formulate a plan to roll out your digital marketing activity and measure the impact!


Who should be involved?


A group meeting including the decision-makers such as the business owners/head of sales/marketing manager. We need the input from those who will steer the future direction of the business as we will discuss the business goals and what can be done to achieve them. This will include consideration of resources and budgets that are or could be made available.



How does it work?


We’ll talk about your sales and marketing process, current customers / contacts and lead generation. We’ll talk about ideal customers and projects. What does the future look like on current path, and how could it look with the right customers? This will help us understand where we can lay the foundations. We’ll gather answers to the following questions:



When we talk about ideal customers and projects, it will allow us to understand how & where you can engage with them. These will be our customer personas.



What content will your target customers like to engage with? What content is of interest to them, and what would be valued by them? Building trust in your brand.



Content can be in many forms, but the first points will be easy to digest. Bite size, tasty pieces, followed by lager more concise material when the customer is ready for more.



Delivered on the platforms that your customers spend more time on, in the suitable size and format for that location.



Online is all the time, however we all have our habits. We all have a “digital footprint” and analytics will help us plan, measure and optimise when & where works best.


Pulling all the info together.


After our consultation, The Digital Bakery will take all the information discussed and formulate your bespoke 12-month digital marketing strategy.


Consideration will be given to what you want to achieve, the resources you have available to formulate the most suitable roadmap for your business.


We’ll have a second meeting to discuss how this plan has been created and the various actions & measurables that are involved.


What is involved?

  • Half day consultation with The Digital Bakery and key decision makers in your business.
  • Digital Marketing & Sales Strategy created
  • 2nd meeting to review
  • Follow Up meeting before you kick off the implementation.


Consultant : Gwen Noone



About Your Consultant


With over 20 years leading Digital Marketing strategies across multiple industries, my experience encompasses both B2B and B2C strategy, content marketing, web analytics and more.


I bring together web design expertise, social media, and creative content marketing to create great brand experiences for customers. I am a firm believer in the power of online marketing to connect consumers to brands. My expertise is focused on building relationships between brands and customers through the combination of technology, video, and communications.


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We have some evening slots available for those who may be working late after the kids have gone to bed!


I worked with Gwen for over 5 years and have seen first hand her impeccable attention to detail and effort applied to any project or task she worked on. I have also attended the Digital Marketing course that Gwen tutored and have recommended this course to my colleagues as I found it very informative and helpful and Gwen’s pleasant and knowledgeable attitude make it a very enjoyable course. She demonstrates an excellent understanding of all aspects of technology.
RUTH MORALEE Senior Administrator / Contracts & Shop Manager ICS Skills Dundalk

I recommend this course for anyone who wants more of a presence online. It is an excellent course for anyone who wants to grow their network skill. I was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start, but within hours Gwen Noone from The Digital Bakery, helped me to identify which social network will benefit me in the business.

DENISE MIMOSO SalesSense & Sherry Property

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