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Dundoogan Housing Development Dundalk - Branding designed by The Digital Bakery

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Dundoogan is a new residential development from the renowned Canon Kirk Group who have built over 4,500 family homes across Europe. Canon Kirk Group approached The Digital Bakery to design the Dundoogan branding, accompanying print collatoral, large-scale road signage, and to build a social media marketing campaign and website.

Reduce Your Property Marketing Costs

Digital marketing is the most underutilised lead generation strategy in the building industry. For decades, most property developers have advertised their properties using traditional mass media marketing tactics such as TV, radio, and billboards. These were once great ways to get your message out, but they all have one large drawback. There is no way to accurately measure how much of your marketing euro actually results in a sale.

Digital marketing changes all of this by creating measurable data around where your leads and sales are coming from. Every cent that you spend is traceable across the entire sales pipeline so that you know exactly how much the sale of a house or apartment is costing you.

Follow Your Customers Online with Retargeting Campaigns

While not everyone is ready to purchase or enquire about a property when they land on your website, when it comes to lead generation, that doesn’t mean that they never will be. By having retargeting trackers installed on your website, we can launch retargeting campaigns using the Google and Facebook advertising platforms.

Retargeting is a clever marketing strategy that allows ads for your business to appear in front of your potential customers as they surf the web. It works so well because it points your ads at people who have already shown interest in your development, so you know you’re spending your marketing euros wisely.

Building an Audience

Our campaign for Dundoogan was highly successful, reaching a large audience and building interest among potential buyers.


impressions on social media


people reached through marketing campaign


website views from social media

Based on stats recorded over a 2 month period

Building a Following

To reach the target audience, we designed an online social media presence and geo-targeted advertising campaigns that reached over 52,353 people, achieving 169,369 impressions across Facebook with 2,053 people clicking through to the website.

Tablet Mockup of Dundoogan Page - Social media campaign post designed by The Digital Bakery Creative Agency in Dundalk Louth
Laptop Mockup of Dundoogan Website - designed by The Digital Bakery Creative Agency in Dundalk Louth

Website Development

To showcase the development and enable potential buyers to register their interest, our graphic design and web design teams collaborated to design and create a fully mobile-responsive website that included custom-made infographics, floor-plans, and maps that highlighted local amenities, and transport links.


We delivered a full suite of branded print assets, including roadside hoarding, brochures, and banners to help further cement the Dundoogan brand as a standout development in the region.

Digital Marketing Services to Grow Your Development

Today, about 97% of consumers are searching for local businesses online, including your prospective buyers looking for a trusted developer in their area. Be the first development they come across and end their search with your branding, marketing, and knowledge through your impeccable website, content, and social media presence.

The most successful developers in today’s modern world use digital marketing services to promote their developments because today’s patients are so connected via mobile and online.

Be found online by more people when you implement our digital marketing services. Get started today by contacting us to schedule a digital consultation for your next development.

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