Continue Your Business During The Corona Virus

Remote Working, Courses & Online Meetings during Covid 19 - Blog Post Cover by The Digital Bakery Creative Agency in Dundalk Louth

The Coronavirus has pushed working from home from a growing trend to a central focus among those whose work is mediated by computers. We can help you by providing you with the knowledge and the tools to continue to manage your staff & service your customers at this time.

Book a 1 hour online consultation with us and we will take you step by step through setting up online work for your staff, carrying out online consultations/lessons & meetings.

Here at The Digital Bakery our number one priority is the safety and well being of our staff, our staff’s families and our customers. After careful consideration  we have made the decision to work remotely until further notice.

Thankfully we have the technology and processes in place to ensure this pandemic will have a minimal effect on our business.

Let’s Get Through This Together By Staying Apart

#StafSafe #StayAtHome

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