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Black Friday 2019 – Early Campaign Ideas

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail.  Your Black Friday preparation should not begin in mid-November but rather weeks in advance.  Right now it is less than 2 months until the big Sales weekend so we would advise you to begin an acquisition campaign on Facebook.  We want as many eyes as possible on your great savings in November and as many people to like, share and comment on your posts so now is the time to round up your potential customers.

October Checklist:

Invest in a small paid ad campaign with a clear goal in mind to boost awareness of your business across Facebook and Instagram (or indeed a Google Ads campaign).  The goal here is to boost your brand’s awareness whether it be locally or on a much larger scale – you want to get people to take notice!

Keep an eye on your content stats, both organically and paid.  What are your customers responding well too? What has them clicking through to your website or sending you messages?  These are your optimal posts and should be used to influence your campaign direction.

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Now is the time to get people invested in your business and considering it ahead of the sales and holiday season.  Starting a consideration campaign within the likes of Facebook Ads manager we want to encourage people to ‘Like’ our Facebook Page, or sign up to our mailing list.  We need to engage your potential audience and entice them with special offers and incentives for noticing your brand 


i.e 10% discount code for signing up to mailing list or promising to launch exclusive offer details on your Facebook page only.


Have you ever noticed the abundance of Sales from early September right up to the Christmas period these days?  This is not a coincidence as many large retailers wish to capture and entice customers to shop with them all year long.

You can mimic this success by planning ‘Flash Sales’ or indeed a Halloween Sale in the weeks running up to Black Friday.  Use this opportunity to highlight your key sellers at amazing value. This will boost your awareness on social media, get people excited to engage with your brand and see what offer is next!


In the space of just a few weeks, you will begin to see a growing dedicated fan-base across your social media channels as people are engaged and eager to see what you will have available for the big sales weekend.

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