Black Friday for Businesses & eCommerce -Tips & Tricks To Maximise Your Sales - Blog Cover - Written by The Digital Bakery Creative Agency in Dundalk Louth

Black Friday 2019 – Black Friday is not just for e-commerce Platforms

Black Friday is not just for larger retail stores with a dedicated e-commerce channel.  Your business no matter what the size can benefit from the hype that surrounds late November each year now.  In fact, almost 40% of Irish people surveyed in 2018 said they planned to visit traditional stores during the Black Friday Weekend once they knew a Sale was running.

The great thing about Social Media is it allows businesses of all sizes to reach a larger audience across the internet without the need for a professional web developer or even a website in some cases.  Social media and online marketing aren’t designed to take away from Brick and Mortar stores, rather it is designed to work together with these businesses to offer you an even greater audience to showcase your offers too.

No matter what your business or service is we would advise you to have a Facebook business page to share who you are, where you are and what you do.  Facebook allows potential customers to engage with your business and can lead to sales leads. You do not need to invest money into a Facebook page however you should invest content.  An active Facebook page, with regular content and reliable messenger service that you use to communicate with your customers, can do wonders for your business.

Black Friday for Businesses & eCommerce -Tips & Tricks To Maximise Your Sales - Blog Cover - Written by The Digital Bakery Creative Agency in Dundalk Louth

Ideally, you could supplement this page with an Instagram profile.  Instagram is another social media platform owned by Facebook and is arguably the most popular social media platform in the world right now.  Instagram’s success lies in its simplicity of reliance on photo and video with minimal comments or text threads. It is the perfect platform to show your store or new products and get customers excited about what you could offer.  It is also the perfect app to inspire your product photography and up your social media game.

For many people, social media stories are the new window shopping – they can showcase your products and lure customers to your store or reach out.  69% of people find out about new products and services through Facebook and Instagram stories with 62% becoming more interested in a product through its feature in stories. In turn, becoming more likely to visit your store.


All the tips we have compiled above can be utilised free of charge.  Of course, a paid ad campaign may yield more results but if you are just starting in the world of social media for your business the above is a good base.  For help or indeed ways to make an even bigger splash be sure to contact us here at The Digital Bakery for a Free Digital Consultation at any time.

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