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Black Friday 2019 – Always be prepared (On Facebook)

Black Friday 2019 – Always be prepared (On Facebook)

You won’t pull off your biggest Black Friday weekend ever without some preparation.  In fact, most large retailers will begin their preparations in late Summer but don’t worry it’s still not too late.  Before we jump into advertisements and creative however we should look into some housekeeping on your social media profiles.

First, we would advise you to begin familiarising yourself with Facebook Business Manager.  Through this interface, you can measure your social media performance, follow businesses similar to your own and see what works for them (don’t worry, they won’t see you having a peek!) and even learn how to set up simple ad campaigns to reach an even bigger audience!

The great thing about Facebook is its integration with everyone’s new favourite social media platform, Instagram.  Through Facebook creator studio you can create, schedule and measure results for ad campaigns (both paid and organic) on both Facebook and Instagram.  This is especially helpful if you wish to share the same post on both channels.

To learn more about the Facebook Business Manager, Creator Studio and it’s integration with Instagram be sure to try out the free courses available on Facebook Blueprint.

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Every business can benefit from a little Pixel magic.  The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code you or your web developer can place on your website.  In turn, every time a customer clicks through to your website from one of your advertisements you can see which ad is having the most success, what your customer is buying, and more importantly what type of customer you should target in future campaigns!  Facebook uses this data to advise you on the best audience to target for the most success in your future campaigns.

Make sure your Facebook messenger is being checked frequently and that you have instant replies set-up to ensure customers are engaging with you and your brand’s offers.  In fact, last year 65% of customers who contacted a business through messenger said they were more inclined to make a purchase after they received a reply. Likewise, make sure you are keeping an eye on any replies your business may be receiving on all your social media channels – you never know when a comment may lead to a new Sale.

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