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Become a Da Vinci of Social Media – Tips for designing your perfect post!

Become a Da Vinci of Social Media – Tips for designing your perfect post!

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You don’t need to be a talented graphic designer to pull off some amazing social media posts. These days there are numerous apps and websites where you can create amazing artwork for any social media site for free.  In fact, we’ll list our favorite ones below this piece so you don’t have to go searching. Be sure to also keep an eye on The Digital Bakery’s blog for our latest picks and tips when it comes to designs.

Many of these social media design sites have free templates you should use to influence your designs.  Just change some titles, pop in a picture of your products or services and you’re good to go. Remember in most cases less is always more. Make sure you are getting your message across and the design is not taking away from your Call to Action.

If  you are in doubt about how large your image should be for specific sites make sure to consult Sprout Social’s useful page at the following link for up to date sizing details.

On social media, video performs better than still images alone. In fact, viewers are known to retain 95% more of your message through a video post versus 10% of your message in a static text post, so get filming!  You can use Instagram and Facebook stories to your advantage here, capture the moment new stock arrives or show off your favourite pieces to keep your audience engaged.

Royalty-Free stock image sites: 

  • Pexels 
  • Pixabay (Videos included now also!)
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