1 Day Digital Marketing Workshop

I recommend this course for anyone who wants more of a presence online. It is an excellent course for anyone who wants to grow their network skill.  I was feeling overwhelmed and didn't know where to start, but within hours Gwen Noone from the The Digital Bakery, helped me to identify which social network will benefit me in the business.
Denise Mimoso
 - SalesSense & Sherry Property
  Thank you Gwen for increasing my understanding of IT in such a short space of time. EXCELLENT WORK!
Christine McKenna & David M Kiely
Owners & Publishers at James Mc Cloone Ltd 
I worked with Gwen for over 5 years and have seen first hand her impeccable attention to detail and effort applied to any project or task she worked on. I have also attended the Digital Marketing course that Gwen tutored and have recommended this course to my colleagues as I found it very informative and helpful and Gwen's pleasant and knowledgeable attitude make it a very enjoyable course. She demonstrates an excellent understanding of all aspects of technology.
Ruth Moralee
Senior Administrator/Contracts & Shop Manager ICS Skills Dublin
I cannot recommend Gwen Noone highly enough. The class was very informative and has led to better time management for all staff that attended. For both beginners and the more advanced, we all walked away with more confidence in our work.  
Peter O’Brien –
Bar Operations , Sales and Events Manager at The Morgan Hotel / Lillies Bordello  &  The Porterhouse Group

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